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Ophthalmic Procedures in the Office and Clinic, Fourth Edition

Ophthalmic Procedures in the Office and Clinic, Fourth Edition

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This book documents a range of procedures that the nurse or technician performs in an ophthalmic office/clinical setting. Topics include the basic pediatric ophthalmic exam, taking axial length measurements, and more. Each topic includes an overview, a list of objectives, equipment needed for the procedure, and step-by-step instructions for how to perform procedures. Easy-to-read tables allow for quick reference and outline all steps of the procedures from sterilizing the chin rest to documenting results in the patient record, along with the rationale for each action. Each topic includes a bibliography for further study.

Fourth Edition, 2017
Print: 216 pages

Published by the American Society of Ophthalmic Registered Nurses (ASORN)
Editor Names – Robert M. Welch, MSN, ARNP, FNP-BC, GNP-BC; Mary Nehra Waldo, BSN, RN, CRNO

ISBN: 978-0-9828954

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