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Put your patient portal or practice website to work for you.
Order to own - no subscription required.

"Video supplementation to the traditional informed consent process demonstrated an improvement in patient understanding of cataract surgery and decreased anxiety on the day of surgery." — Study conducted at the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine

Solve the challenge of educating your patients with high-definition Academy videos. When you offer video on your patient portal or practice website, patients can view them as many times as they like - at their convenience. Improve patient satisfaction and save valuable time during chair-side consultations with the best educational programming in ophthalmology.

The Glaucoma Collection includes 10 videos:

  • Glaucoma Overview
  • Laser Trabeculoplasty
  • Trabeculectomy
  • Glaucoma Drainage Implant
  • Mini Filtration Implants
  • Trabecular Bypass Stent
  • Cyclophotocoagulation (CPC)
  • Laser Iridotomy
  • Understanding Glaucoma
  • How to Put in Eye Drops


  • Three- to five-minute OMIC-reviewed HD videos in English and Spanish;
  • Viewable anywhere (websites, patient portals, tablets, smartphones) or you can burn a DVD;
  • Easy-to-understand explanations;
  • Advertisement-free.

Today’s patients expect and are receptive to online video education. And studies show that video is among the most effective ways for you to educate patients:

    • Patients who watch video have a 19% higher knowledge score than those who have the physician discussion alone.
    • 44% of health professionals deliver patient education through online video.

Academy videos benefit your practice:

  • Videos are yours to own - no subscription required.
  • Saves time explaining repetitive information.
  • Increases your patients' comprehension and recall.
  • Sets realistic expectations, strengthens your informed consent process and reduces malpractice risk.

Downloading this product:
After purchasing this product, you may access it at

Licensing information:
The Academy grants a nonexclusive license to up to five physicians in your practice to use the product on computers and servers owned or leased by you or your practice, on your websites and in patient education presentations. For use by more than five physicians, additional licenses must be purchased. For further questions on the Academy's licensing and disclaimer information (PDF), please contact us at

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What is the file format of the videos?

Can I post the videos to my website?
Yes, under the licensing, you are free to post the videos to your practice website.

Can I post the videos to YouTube?
You can post the videos to YouTube and embed the videos on your website, however, the privacy setting must be “unlisted,” so it does not show up in web searches.

Do the videos have closed captioning?
Yes, videos have closed captioning.

What is the file size of the entire collection?
The collection with English and Spanish versions is approximately 1.5 GB.

Are the videos web-based/hosted/streamed from your site?
No, they are not. Once purchased, the videos will appear in your My Online Products. To play the files, you need to download them to your computer.

Is it possible to make a DVD from the video file(s)?
Yes. There are many free sites online that will author and burn a DVD. We recommend FreeMake.

Can I put the videos on my iPad?
Yes. Download the files to your computer, then add to iTunes. Connect the iPad to your computer/iTunes and then synch the files to the iPad. More detailed instructions are available in your account after purchase.

How many computers/iPads can I put this on?
There is no device limit. However each purchase grants a license for up to five physicians in your practice.  For use by more than five physicians, additional licenses must be purchased.

Is the cost of the collection a one-time fee or do I have to pay a yearly subscription?
It is a one-time fee. The videos will never expire once they are downloaded to your computer.

Do the videos all run continuously as one file?
No, each video within the collection is its own file.

What is the length of each video ?
The average length of each video is 3-5 minutes. This collection includes 9 videos in English and 9 in Spanish.

Still have questions?
Contact Customer Service at or call +1 415.561.8540.
Normal business hours of the Academy's Service Center are 8:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday through Friday.

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