Documentation Training for Clinical Teams

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Documentation Training for Clinical Teams

Documentation Training for Clinical Teams

"Thorough and well presented. I’m considering offering a bonus to certain team members to complete the course!"
- Practice Administrator, Morganton N.C.

**AAOP Member Exclusive: The Academy is pleased to offer AAOP members the opportunity to preview chapter one, "General Documentation and Coding Compliance Rules." Watch the video, then evaluate your knowledge for meeting payer requirements by taking the free quiz.

The Academy's online training course has been developed for technicians, scribes and clinical staff to meet payer requirements in the exam lane and protect your practice’s revenue.

Comprising fourteen subject modules and knowledge assessments, this comprehensive course significantly improves the technician’s ability to successfully document patient encounters, ensure payer requirements are satisfied, and make each claim secure before the physician closes the chart note.

PLUS, earn valuable IJCAHPO credits for each module. At less than $25 per credit, this training program is an investment that can save your practice thousands of dollars in potential recoupments.

Take the course and learn how to:

  • Adhere to payer requirements that ensure the appropriate level of exam
  • Follow protocol for delegated tests
  • Secure the required exam documentation to determine the need for major and minor surgeries
  • Download handouts with presentation slides, fact sheets, checklists and more.

Earn Certificates of Completion and electronic badges after successfully completing each module. Subject modules include:

  1. General Documentation and Coding Compliance
  2. Documenting Patient History
  3. Medically Appropriate Exam
  4. Ophthalmic Testing Services
  5. ICD-10: Diagnosis Link to CPT
  6. Modifiers
  7. E/M vs Eye Visit Codes
  8. Cataract/Anterior segment
  9. Cornea
  10. Glaucoma
  11. Neuro-ophthalmology
  12. Oculofacial
  13. Pediatrics/Strabismus
  14. Retina

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Licensing Agreement: Each course license is for one user only. Read the Academy's licensing agreement for online coding products (PDF) for details.

IJCAHPO Credit Statement and Disclaimer
This program has been accredited for 14 IJCAHPO Group A CE credits. The awarded CE credit expires on Oct. 23, 2025.

This program is not sponsored by IJCAHPO; it is only reviewed for compliance with IJCAHPO standards and criteria and awarded continuing education credit accordingly; therefore, IJCAHPO cannot predict the effectiveness of the program or assure its quality in substance and presentation.

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Accessing the Product How do I access the course?
After your purchase is complete, you will receive an email with detailed instructions for accessing this course. If someone else purchased the course for you, ask them to forward to you the email with the license key and instructions.

About the Videos and Handouts

How long are the videos?
The length of a video ranges between 10 and 30 minutes.

Do the videos have closed captioning?
No, the videos are not closed captioned.

Are there handouts?
Yes. Each module comes with a handout that includes presentation slides and other resources such as fact sheets, checklists and articles. Handouts can be downloaded as a PDF or viewed in full-screen mode.

About the Exams

How many questions are on each exam?
Each exam has 10 multiple-choice questions.

What is the passing score?

Can I retake the exam?
Yes, you can reset your score and retake the exam until you pass.

If I'm not able to complete the exam in one sitting, will the system save my answers when I exit/log out?
Yes, your previous answers will be saved until you choose "Reset Score" to start over or "Complete Exam" to finalize your score.

Will I know which questions I got wrong?
No, this training program does not reveal which questions you answered incorrectly.

What happens after I pass an exam?
Each time an exam is pass, a badge will be added to the bottom of your screen and your transcript. You will also get an email that includes:

  • A Certificate of Completion (which also serves as your IJCAHPO credit reporting form)
  • A link to an evaluation survey/questionnaire (Note: You must complete this survey if you are claiming IJCAHPO credits.)

Certificate of Completion and Continuing Education (CE) Credits

What CE credits does this course offer?
This course offers up to 14 total IJCAHPO Group A credits. You are eligible to claim 1 IJCAHPO Group A credit for each module exam you pass.

How do I get my certificate of completion/IJCAHPO credit reporting form?
After you pass the exam, you will receive a confirmation email that includes:

  • Your Certificate of Completion (which also serves as your IJCAHPO credit reporting form.)
  • An evaluation survey/questionnaire (You must complete this survey to claim IJCAHPO credits.)

I passed the exam but didn’t get an email with my Certificate of Completion. What do I do?
On your computer, scroll to the bottom of the course window. Click the “Print Transcript” button. Click on “Print Certificate.” Note that if you are claiming IJCAHPO credit, you also must complete an evaluation. Contact for a link to the evaluation.

How long do I have to complete the exams if I’m taking the course for IJCAHPO credits?
The credits that IJCAHPO has approved expire on Oct. 23, 2025.

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