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Get Personal Guidance and Practical Solutions from Academy Experts

The Academy's coding and practice management consultants are well-known and respected throughout ophthalmology. They'll help ensure your success with chart auditing, patient documentation, coding, business management and more.

  • Tailored to your unique situation
  • Hourly or daily appointments
  • HIPAA compliant
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"I recommend all offices take advantage of this one-on-one service, whether you are new or have been in business for 25 years. Our office is better because of it!"



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Academy Experts

Sue Vicchrilli, COT, OCS, OCSR
Coding and Reimbursement

Sue Vicchrilli

Sue is the Academy’s director of coding and reimbursement. Her experience in ophthalmology includes coding, reimbursement, practice management and clinical and surgical assistance. She is the content director for the Academy's entire line of coding products, including the new Ophthalmic Coding Specialist Retina Exam, and recipient of the Academy's Achievement Award.

Jenny Edgar CPC, CPCO, OCS, OCSR
Coding and Reimbursement

Jenny Edgar

Jenny is the Academy’s manager of coding and reimbursement. Her experience includes tenure as a certified professional compliance officer. She is a contributing author for the Academy's entire line of coding products, including the new Ophthalmic Coding Specialist Retina Exam.

Joy Woodke, COE, OCS, OCSR
Coding and Retina Practice Management

Joy Woodke

Joy's 30-plus years of experience in ophthalmology includes all aspects of practice management, accounting, coding and billing. Joy is the author of The Profitable Retina Practice series and the Academy's coding product line, and recipient of the Academy's Secretariat and Achievement Awards.

Matthew Baugh, MHA, COT, OSC, OCS, OCSR 
Business Operations / Coding and Reimbursment / Electronic Health Records 

Matthew Bough

Matt is the manager of revenue cycle integrity and quality improvement programs at the John A. Moran Eye Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. His experience in ophthalmology includes overseeing compliance, internal audits and staff training. Matt is a contributing author of the Academy coding products and recipient of the Academy's Secretariat Award.

Sara Rapuano, MBA, CPC, COE, OCS
Revenue Cycle Management

Sara Rapuano

Ms. Rapuano has over 20 years experience in ophthalmology practice management. Her strength is in observing and analyzing a healthcare business challenge and determining how to implement the necessary changes efficiently and effectively.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the consultation take place?

Hourly consultations are provided by phone; daily consultations are generally performed on-site and also include a pre-planning call and a follow-up call.

What's included in the price of daily consultations?

  • Up to two-hours pre-planning phone call 
  • Four hours of on-site consultation
  • Travel, lodging and meals
  • One hour of follow-up via phone/email to review summary report

What types of guidance will Academy experts provide?

Each private consultation is tailored towards your unique situation. For example, our experts can advise you and your team on special topics such as unique modifiers, or how to conduct internal chart audits of E/M and Eye visit codes, or help you create an efficient billing process that optimizes collections performance. You are encouraged to suggest topics for discussion and prepare a list of questions.

Is there any limitation on the type of records consultants can review?

Our experts can review records which haven't been submitted for payment yet.

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