2023 Coding Assistant: Pediatrics/Strabismus

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2023 Coding Assistant: Pediatrics/Strabismus

2023 Coding Assistant: Pediatrics/Strabismus

This downloadable module, one of five included in the 2023 Coding Assistant for Subspecialties collection, contains all the requirements and guidelines you need to accurately code tests and surgical procedures for pediatrics and strabismus. It provides ophthalmologists, administrators, technicians and billing staff with a suite of fact sheets, checklists, FAQs and ICD-10 guides that help you save time, submit claims successfully and appropriately maximize reimbursements.


  • Glossary of Terms
  • Code This Chart: Examples Using New Documentation Requirements for E/M Office-Based Exams
  •      Alternating Exotropia—New Patient
  •      Amblyopia and Accommodative Exotropia—Established Patient
  •      Chalazion (Child)
  •      Intermittent Alternating Esotropia—Established Patient
  •      Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction—New Patient
  •      Punctal Plugs—Established Patient
  • Exam Code Options Fact Sheet
  • CPT Code 92060 for the Sensorimotor Exam: Answers to Your FAQs (Article)
  • Amblyopia Treatment Fact Sheet
  • Botulinum Toxin Injections for Correction of Strabismus Fact Sheet
  • Coding for Muscle Surgery Performed After an Earlier Procedure (Article)
  • Ophthalmological Testing Services Fact Sheet
  • Lens Surgical Options Fact Sheet
  • Strabismus Surgical Codes Fact Sheet
  • Lacrimal Codes Fact Sheet
  • Sample ROP First Clinic Visit Form
  • Sample Pediatric Consult Form
  • Ask the Coding Experts Q&A
  • Pediatrics/Strabismus ICD-10-CM Quick Reference Guide

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Format: PDF Download
Pages: Approx. 52
ISBN: 978-1-68104-701-0


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