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Spanish version for symptoms and treatments.

Spanish Language Brochure: Manchas Flotantes y Centelleos

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Spanish Language Brochure: Manchas Flotantes y Centelleos

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New edition on sale now.

Accurate information leads to more satisfied patients. Whatever the condition, the Academy has the vital information your patients can trust.

Educated patients cooperate more readily in their own care, experience less anxiety and are more likely to have realistic recovery goals. Academy brochures are one of the most effective ways to inform and educate your patients and to reinforce what you tell them in your office. Written in a nonclinical, easy-to-comprehend style with helpful illustrations, brochures are perfect reference tools for patients to take home.

Topics include (in Spanish):

  • What are floaters?
  • What causes floaters?
  • Are floaters ever serious?
  • What can be done about floaters?
  • What causes flashing lights?
  • Migraine
  • How are your eyes examined?

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ISBN: 978-1-56055-387-8