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Spanish Language Brochure: Catarata

Spanish Language Brochure: Catarata

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Product Number: 051345

Media Type: Brochures

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Almost 50% of all American adults have trouble understanding information written above the 8th grade reading level. To tackle this health literacy challenge and improve patient's comprehension and recall, the Academy develops patient education content that meets best-in-class readability and information design standards.

Whatever the condition or procedure, the Academy’s materials offer vital information to improve patient understanding and drive positive health actions, saving you consultation time and strengthening your informed consent process. Give your patients the tools to enjoy better eye health by providing information you can trust and they can understand.

This brochure covers:

  • What is a cataract?
  • What are symptoms and causes of cataracts?
  • You may be able to slow down your development of cataracts
  • How are cataracts treated?
  • How does cataracts work?

Content features:

  • Shorter sentences and expanded use of bullets;
  • Emphasis on must know action steps directing patients toward healthier outcomes;
  • Glossary for medical/technical terms;
  • Text font (APHont) specifically designed for readers with low vision.

Design features:

  • Most important content featured in the beginning and in a summary section at the end;
  • Shorter explanations with vital details highlighted in text boxes, pull quotes and sidebars;
  • Medical art and images help explain/illustrate key messages.

Packages of 100
Regularly reviewed by board certified ophthalmologists who are members of the Academy

ISBN: 978-1-61525-546-7


How many brochures come in one order?

How often are they revised?
Each topic is reviewed and revised annually.

What do I do if I don’t find a topic I need?
Not all of our topics are sold in pre-printed format. Additional topics are available as part of the Downloadable Patient Education Handout Subscription.

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