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Understanding Glaucoma Downloadable Video

Understanding Glaucoma Downloadable Video

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Product Number: 0509005U

Media Type: Video

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This educational video is designed to help patients understand primary open-angle and closed-angle glaucoma. An ophthalmologist discusses diagnostic techniques and treatment options, including visual field testing, proper techniques for administering eyedrops and surgical options. Compliance is emphasized, as is the importance of regular glaucoma evaluations. Clear and concise computer animation shows the eye, diagnostic techniques and treatment options. Features a comprehensive chapter with an aid to informed consent for laser and drainage surgery options.

The following topics are discussed:

  • How glaucoma affects normal eye functions
  • Open-angle and closed-angle glaucoma
  • Risk factors and detection
  • Real patients' accounts
  • Treatment options (medications or surgery)
  • Demonstration of instilling eyedrops correctly
  • Possible side effects of glaucoma medications

Features include:

  • English and Spanish content
  • OMIC-reviewed Aid to Informed Consent chapter
  • High-quality animations
  • PC and Mac compatible

Available file types: Flash, iPad/iPhone/iPod/iTouch, QuickTime high and standard definition and Windows Media

2006, 10 minutes, plus menu options
Educational support provided by Allergan

Uses for downloadable video:

  • Save on your practice server to conveniently show in multiple rooms
  • Show videos on your laptop to patients or project them on a screen during public presentations
  • Post video on your practice website
  • Burn a disc to give or loan to patients to take home to watch and share with friends and family
  • Embed video files in PowerPoint presentations

Downloading this product:
After purchasing this product, you may access it at

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Technical Specs

For downloadable version ONLY:

System requirements for PC:

  • An unzip program for PC, such as Winzip
  • Desktop media players, such as QuickTime Player, Flash Player and Windows Media Player.

System requirements fo Mac:

  • An unzip program for Mac, such as Stuffit Expander
  • Desktop media players, such as QuickTime Player, Flash Player for Mac and Flip4Mac or another Windows Media Player for Mac.

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