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This product is a comprehensive tool to help you structure presentations to groups.

The Eye Over Time PowerPoint Presentation CD-ROM, 2nd Edition

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The Eye Over Time PowerPoint Presentation CD-ROM, 2nd Edition

Product Number: 054127

Media Type: CD-ROM

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Contains 10 customizable PowerPoint presentations to help you inform patients, community groups, schools and senior centers about common eye conditions.

Use each presentation as is, or modify it to meet your specific requirements. The convenient PowerPoint format ensures you can easily update each presentation to suit your individual needs.

All presentations include full-color illustrations and images to pique your audiences' interest, while high-quality 3-D animations clearly demonstrate eye anatomy, eye conditions and treatment options. Ophthalmologists in non-English speaking countries can easily replace the text with a translation. Each presentation includes a one-page patient handout. Mac and PC compatible.

Presentations include:

  • AMD
  • Cataracts and cataract surgery
  • Common eye conditions in children
  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Dry eye
  • Eyelid problems and cosmetic procedures, including Botox
  • Floaters and flashes
  • Glaucoma
  • How the eye works
  • Low vision

2009, PowerPoint presentation on CD-ROM.

ISBN: 978-1-61525-040-0