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Advances in Refractive Surgery PowerPoint Presentation CD-ROM, 2nd Edition

Advances in Refractive Surgery PowerPoint Presentation CD-ROM, 2nd Edition

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Product Number: 054126

Media Type: CD-ROM

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Contains 11 versatile and customizable PowerPoint presentations to help you give impressive presentations to any audience (patients, colleagues, students, community groups, or managed care plans) quickly and easily.

Educate groups of prospective refractive surgery patients with the help of this collection of informative and attractive PowerPoint presentations. Each of the 11 presentations on the CD-ROM begins with a lesson on the basic anatomy of the eye and is followed by a discussion of a specific refractive surgery procedure. Use each presentation alone, or combine with slides from other presentations.

Every slide can be edited and enhanced according to your needs. All presentations include updated full-color illustrations and photographs, and high-quality 3-D animations that clearly demonstrate eye anatomy, eye conditions and surgical procedures. Ophthalmologists in non-English speaking countries can easily replace the text with a translation. Mac and PC compatible.

Advances in Refractive Surgery covers these topics at a level geared toward patient understanding:

  • How the Eye Works
  • Monovision for presbyopia
  • Incisional procedures (AK and RK)
  • LASIK and epi-LASIK
  • Advanced surface ablation (PRK and LASEK)
  • Wavefront-guided laser surgery
  • Conductive keratoplasty (CK)
  • Phakic IOLs
  • Accommodative and multifocal IOLs
  • Refractive lens exchange
  • Intacs



ISBN: 978-1-61525-039-4

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