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Downloadable Patient Education Handout Subscription

Downloadable Patient Education Handout Subscription

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NEW - 20 Topics Added

This 12-month subscription provides access to the most comprehensive library of patient education content. It includes 110 topics in both English and Spanish, 20 of which are newly added. Each topic is regularly reviewed by board certified ophthalmologists who are members of the Academy.

Handouts can be customized easily with practice information (text only), and can be downloaded and printed unlimited times. They are designed to print both in black and white and in color. Subscribe today to ensure that you have access to the most up-to-date versions, which will save time and help reduce your medical malpractice risk.

Download a complete list of titles.

IMPORTANT: These handouts will not integrate with your EHR system. If you want to integrate the Academy's handouts into your EHR system, visit our EHR Integration Information page for more details.

Content adheres to latest health-literacy standards (8th grade or lower reading level) by featuring:

  • Shorter sentences and expanded use of bullets;
  • Emphasis on must know action steps directing patients toward healthier outcomes;
  • Glossary for medical/technical terms;
  • Text font (APHont) specifically designed for readers with low vision.

Layout with a modern sensibility enhances readability by featuring:

  • Most important content featured in the beginning and in a summary section at the end;
  • Shorter explanations with vital details highlighted in text boxes, pull quotes and sidebars;
  • New medical art and images help explain/illustrate key messages.

Share this product with others in your practice. Purchase of this product grants a license covering use of this material on up to five computers and for up to five doctors on computers owned or leased by you or your practice. For use by more than five physicians on more than five computers, additional licenses must be purchased. For further questions on the Academy's licensing and disclaimer information (PDF), contact us at

After purchase, visit and log in with your Academy username and password. Your subscription is valid 12 months from the date of purchase.

The following topics are supported in part by Genentech: Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), Anti-VEGF Treatment for AMD, AMD and Nutritional Supplements, CME (Cystoid Macular Edema) and Diabetic Retinopathy.

Dry Eye is supported in part by Shire.


Can I personalize the handouts with my practice information?
You can type your practice name and address in the “compliments of” field on the last page of each handout. This field doesn’t accept images or logos, unfortunately.

Can I access the handouts from a server?
Yes, you can place the handouts on a server and multiple computers can then access the files from this location. This can save time so you don’t need to download the files to each computer.

How many computers can I access the handouts from?
The subscription allows you to access the handouts from five computers.

What happens if I bought a new computer and have already accessed the handouts from five computers?  How do I view the handouts from the new computer?
If you ever need to deauthorize a computer for any reason, please contact Daniel Porter at or +1.415.561.8549.

Do I have to log in each time I open a handout?
No, the software’s Single-Sign-On technology is designed to remember you after the first login.

Can I integrate these handouts into my EHR system?
No, the handouts are not meant to be used in your EHR system. The handouts have special encryption software applied to them and will not work with your EHR. If you want to integrate the Academy's handouts into your EHR system, visit our EHR Integration Information page for more details.

Can I use these handouts on my practice website?
No, the license does not permit this usage. Read here about linking your practice website to EyeSmart, the Academy's eye health resource for the public.

When are the handouts updated?
Our volunteer ophthalmologists review the handouts twice yearly and revised versions are posted to your Academy account in March and September of each year. You will be notified and reminded to download the new versions.

What software do I need to use the handouts?
You need software to unzip the files and Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat to view and print the files. Most computers come with pre-installed unzip programs, and Adobe Reader is free to download from the Adobe site.

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